ASOR/EPHE-PSL European Symposium

Paris, La Sorbonne, September 4-6, 2018

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Call for posters

open to ASOR and EPHE members, as well as to other scholars members of European institutions

Digital Practices vs Traditional Methods for the Study of the Ancient Near East and its Neighboring Regions


How do digital practices contribute to the research for the study of the ancient Near East? Poster presenters are invited to highlight how the use of digital practices can be beneficial for research by contrasting the results achieved till now with the use of traditional methods. Of course, this does not mean that traditional methods need to be avoided, but rather to show how non-digital and digital practitioners can collaborate in order to improve the research. Since the audience includes several researcher profiles, we invite poster presenters to explain their digital practices in a very accessible way, especially for neophytes in digital practices. Collaboration between non-digital and digital practitioners will be very much appreciated.

Additionally, selected poster presenters will be invited to develop their presentation in a short chapter for the forthcoming “Les Actes of the Symposium ASOR/EPHE-PSL.”