ASOR/EPHE-PSL European Symposium

Paris, La Sorbonne, September 4-6, 2018

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Forum-round table on digital practices

Day 2, 17:15, chairing Vanessa Bigot Juloux, Alessandro di Ludovico, Massimo Maiocchi

As for the one hour forum-round table on digital practices : it is not only for experts on digital practices, but also for neophytes. Its goal is to talk about the setting up of an international organization for ancient Near Eastern researchers in order (1) to encourage the collaboration between digital and non-digital practitioners, including beginners, (2) to develop online training that matches our needs (related to ancient Near East and its neighboring regions), (3) to bring support by experts for projects, and (4) to build a database of all projects by topic and keywords which use digital tools.
In order to be more efficient, we will add a digital collaborative whiteboard ( where each researcher can participate and add their suggestions and issues. If you wish to participate with the “Framapad,” please be in touch with Vanessa Bigot Juloux in order to give you the link of the Framapad page of the forum-round table.
This Framapad page will also help to prepare the second meeting (and the official launch) which, we hope, will be held at ASOR2019.

This forum-round table will be also live streamed.

UPDATE: Framapad URL